The laptop looks plain, but you can see a shiny silver accent on its logo along with rim around the touchpad. The weight of the laptop is under 5 pounds, whereas it measures 15 x 10.2 x 1.2 inches. It is too thick and heavy to enter the category of ultraportable. It can easily fit into a 15-inch laptop backpack. The tapered shell of the laptop is matted that gives it a professional yet sleek look. The nice design touch is the on the bottom of the Aspire. This removable panel gives the user access to both the drive bay and RAM slots.

Ports: there are no any fancy Thunderbolt 3 ports in this laptop, but only one USB 3.1 Type C port, a full HDMI, a pair of USB 3.0, an ethernet jack and a VGA port. You can also see a Kensington laptop lock. On the right side, there is a barrel-shaped charging port, a USB 2.0 port, the DVD tray and a combo audio jack.






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